September 2014
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BMN Fellow Skywalker


BMN-Fellow-Skywalker-August-28-2014 I wouldn’t do this. Damn scary. I’d say that man lift is 100 feet up.

Good Morning

Well I’m tired. I’m certainly not alone. On the bright side it is Friday. Three day weekend coming up, yayo! Now didn’t that just ooze enthusiasm?



I pretty much worked non-stop yesterday so these two pictures are all I had time for. One of the telltale signs of Friday for me lately is my lack of commenting on Facebook. I can barely get it together to click the like button. Nell was awake first and brought me coffee this morning. Oh, poor old Brian. Not at all. Thank you Nell.

I figure buying that stupid camera was a wake up call about Amazon and me. “Dammit Man,” my buddy Dave would say. “You better get off that shit.”

Work work work. Well, I have my pond project. It is just about as comforting as anything to me. I went looking at pool lighting to see if this was something I’ll need to build into the fish pond right from the start, yes on Amazon, no I didn’t buy anything, thank you very much. What I did see and find totally believable is while LED RGB waterproof lighting is the norm nowadays, they are anything but permanent. Mostly it looks like you just chuck them in the pool, they’re weighted and when they burn out from shoddy construction you yank them up. So, I don’t need to worry about building them in.

I’ll focus my attention next on plumbing. I’ll want a drain down at the lowest point of course. Although for most of the water circulation I’ll employ a submersible pump.  A second pump will lift water out of the bottom and run it over the aquaponics beds for filtration and reintroduction of helpful bacteria for the fish. As I said in a previous BMN, my buddy Weldon suggested a wind turbine driven compressor to power one of his passive lift pumps for this later process.

I’ll show you how the lift pump moves water as I build it. Basically it is the same technology employed in coffee makers, except instead of boiled water for lift, the air bubbles pull the water up. Yes, it’s very cool. I’m really excited to be able to do this. Weldon has his whole mechanics shop running on pneumatics created by a wind driven air compressor.

Again like the lighting I can see that most of the plumbing is superficial and doesn’t need setting into the concrete and rock work I’m about to do for this fish pond.

I’m looking for used adobes for the earth-sheltering of the greenhouse. I don’t know because of the amount of questions I get about the fish pond freezing if I’ve explained what earth-sheltering does well enough.






Above ground greenhouses have losses on all sides except the bottom. An earth-sheltered greenhouse minimizes loss by bringing the earth up the sides. Sure there is still heat loss, and yes our greenhouse will no doubt freeze when the outside temperature drops to 20 below zero. The hope is we’ll be able to stabilize the temperature and maybe even be able to open the door to the house which is going to be next to the wood fired heater and let some heat into the greenhouse once in a while.

Anywho, that’s my plan. I think it has a fair chance of working.

Brian eee Rodgers