October 2014
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Good Morning

Wow, October already done, unbelievable.

Nell started part time this week. I came home to a spotless home, a warm meal and fresh corn bread and a beaming happy beautiful wife. I can get used to this, boy howdy.

Yesterday, let’s see… Aside from the slippery start with the Internet tower over the hill in between Nine Mile hill and Las Dispensas going tits up, my day was uneventful. After the hubbub with my Jeep I’m good with uneventful. I still owe the tire shop $200 for the left side CV joint axle replacement. I’m thankful that I haven’t had to go in there in three weeks. At this point they’re probably happy not to see the Jeep being towed in or me limping in, anyway they still owe me a washer bottle that apparently broke when the ball joint fell apart. I figure they can call me when that comes in, and then we’ll see about the $200.

So yes, uneventful is good. I bought 8 more 80 pound bags of El Rey Fastwall for the greenhouse pond project. Speaking of fear, I don’t like to think about the price we’re paying for this product. If I had had the time to buy the $1000.00 injection pump and install it in the Dodge dump truck, this project would have cost a whole lot less. That’s because I would have gone for a load of sand to mix with concentrate cement. It is really about the same price as the Fastwall sanded, but the concentrate make three or four times as much cement. The great thing is, I don’t have to think about it. I will fix the Dodge this Winter, working in the shop by the wood burning barrel stove will be a nice change of pace.

The real change of pace of course will be sitting by the pond in a warm greenhouse while it is cold and snowy outside. I feel good about where the pond project is at. With these eight sacks of cement I should be able to top off the foundation walls and install the treated lumber framing. I still need to buy some windows and doors, but the majority of the rock work is done.

I want to get some guys to help me cut the big log Jack had felled. I am thinking it will make a great plank for across the pond. If it is long enough to span the pond, we’ll set it in before I do the next round of rocks on top of the pond so that I can build that plank into the rocks.

I also believe I have a workable plan for the one foot by two foot three quarters of an inch thick plexiglass pond window. I will see if Louie has time up at Luna Community College where he is teaching woodworking and building trades, to construct an thick solid oak submersible window frame.

Brian Occasional Zombie Rodgers