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BMN Didn’t Sleep Well… Reruns

BMN Is Back

Here this looks interesting and Add Link to Facebook is giving an error. Cool And I haven’t a clue. Happy Friday all

Brian Rodgers


Brian’s Morning Newsletter
Tuesday, December 11 2012
7.5 °F
Good Morning
Nice and chilly this morning, nothing like the night before however. The night before last was our first below zero reading for this Winter season.  I did install new felt on the front door and add more insulation to the new kitchen/bathroom ceiling. In between working on my site I did a little electrical work in the kitchen. I haven’t hooked anything up yet, mostly just planning where outlets go, then drilling wall studs and pulling wire to the installed boxes. Nearly every wall has some type of puzzle to figure out.
As far as mt site goes, perseverance pays, but it also helped that I had a snowed-in-day and the help of the brilliant Adam Caldwell at my beck and call. Thank you Adam.
Well, let’s see what have the proper BMNers missed? The last BMN that was posted @ was last Monday. I am sorry you missed anything, I do appreciate that you either log on to the site to view my morning newsletter or you read the BMN which is mailed from
Brian’s Morning Newsletter
Wednesday, December 05 2012

Good Morning 

Something’s up in the neighborhood. For the first time since I can remember my website is down. No pages, no posts. This can’t be good. Like most people I hadn’t done a backup in a while. I contacted, but I’m not hopeful. Yes, I’m a little freaked out. I have a lot of work invested in my site. Not seeing it first thing in the morning when I try and get warmed up and begin my morning routine of writing and posting, is very bad to say the least.

I shouldn’t worry, I have many things to do today, starting I think with a nice hike with my dogs. Last night we bought a string of 200 Christmas lights to add to our home holiday cheer.  I still need to dig out our Christmas stuff and pick out the functioning lights and put them up as well. I found a couple timers too so we’ll be able to control the power consumption better this year. 

Also we bought some of those medium size lamps for the string of lights over the driveway gate.
I’ll go down the hill in the Jeep and use my ladder to fix up those Christmas lights. I always wanted to run strings of Christmas lights up our wind turbine tower guy cables, but as yet haven’t found the time. It would look awesome, I think, because the tower is on top of the hill and can be seen for miles. Because of the remote location of our home Christmas lights can’t very well be seen unless in or near our yard.  

We’ve had strings of Christmas lights all around the workshop setup to be powered by the wind turbine for a couple years now. Amazingly even after banging around in the wind on top of the hill all this time only one half string is burned out. I want to replace that missing set today and if we have enough I’ll double up on the side that faces down the hill for better and brighter holiday cheeriness from the Rodgers.

The string of 200 will go on the house. This time I’ll accent the new kitchen roof line. I may also trim a few branches from trees around the house to help the light make it down the hill. 

As you may surmise, I’m a bells and whistles kind of a guy. Christmas lights have always been a fascination for me. Even when I was little Mom and Dad let me put the lights on the tree. This task I took quite seriously. In a home with two older sisters and a brother 9 years older than me, I felt very special being asked to do the lights. 

I hope the LED Christmas lights come down in price some day soon. LEDs consume a fraction of the energy of incandescent lamps, hence the need for a timer. Consider that even if the mini lamp on modern Christmas lights consumes on a 10th of a watt, there are for example 200 on the new string so one string will be equivalent to a 20 watt incandescent lamp. The power sucking is cumulative. You get the picture. Got to get those timers deployed.

Let’s see, what else? Walls. Yes we’re ready to build walls in the kitchen. Our dream is becoming a reality. We’re of course pretty thrilled the results are looking good before the effort wears us out. 

We had to hustle around Monday getting an advance from work and spending it immediately at the propane store. As you can imagine that wasn’t a whole terrible lot of fun, but it did work out and the propane truck was here as I was leaving for work. I assured him that while the gauge read zero all of our pilot lights were still lit. The punishment for letting the tank run out completely is we have to pay for a pressure test before they will refill it. Again, that was good. I don’t know why things need to get so damn close to emergency levels before we deal with them. Just part of the joys of being alive I guess.

Speaking of ordeals. As I have mentioned I’m more forgetful lately it appears. Which reminds me: one more month til I’m 59. Heehee. No, seriously, what was I going to write? Oh wait here’s some humor from our good friend Karan:
When asked by a young patrol officer “Do You know you were speeding?”

This 83-year-old woman gave the young officer an ear to ear smile and stated:

“Yes, but …. I had to get there before I forgot where I was going.”

Anyway,I started this newsletter explaining about the horror of waking up to a missing website. Luckily I have a few skills when it comes to trouble shooting, when I can remember that is. I did this and that and looked dumbly at the screen for a time. Then I thought maybe it isn’t me, and maybe Godaddy is messed up. So I went to a bookmarked page which was supposed to have my username and password saved and was mildly disgruntled (I always wanted to use that word (disgruntled) in a sentence) to learn that not only had the technology we have come to lean on forgotten, but when I typed in the password as I remembered it I was rewarded only with the message which more or less read: Who the hell are you?

Who the hell am I?
Why I am Brian, son of Henry, and owner and webmaster of this here web site, and I’ll thank you very much to remember who is boss here.
And never ever ask me to do one of those unreadable security questions and type in the answer ever again.
I hate those. Besides my glasses are in the Jeep, and I couldn’t read it even if there weren’t squiggly lines all through the letters.
I mean what the hell is the point of being narcissistic if our own computers start turning on us with tests of memory? Wouldn’t it better if the computer would say something helpful like: “Don’t you worry your pretty little brain, I’ll remember your username and password for you, just sit back and relax while we work out this little bitty snag. Would you enjoy some pleasant music while you wait?” 

I’m fairly certain tomorrow everything will be right back to normal, and I won’t have had to do any worrying.
On the other hand I may be re-learning how to work with MYSQL data-bases today.
Peace and out
Brian Rodgers


Yeah well wish in one hand and crap in the other.

Hehehe! How about Wednesday?


Brian’s Morning Newsletter
Thursday, December 06 2012

Good Morning

Sorry folks there is some sort of problem with the permalinks on my website. I am currently working on it 

Shoot I don’t know how to act without my website to back me up.
I do know though that I’m happy with yesterday’s BMN but it only went out to the email and facebook users. Sigh, now I’m exhausted my morning energy researching the cause; reading and trying dozens of possible fixes, finally writing my story on the WordPress forum
Anyway, let me see what I can do about making this BMN worth looking at.
Yesterday began as I hoped with an awesome hike. The hike was longer than most of my previous hikes in the neighborhood.
Las-Tusas-hike- (in yellow) December2012
Yeah that was a couple of miles. The first part while up a gentle grade was easier than the return across the top of the mesa. I am thankful my health and schedule allowed me the time to explore.
The work on my website has taken so long that the sun is now shining in the window and I can’t see the screen. Let me staple a towel up, brb.

Google-map-Brian-Nell-Rodgers-home. Satellite imagery is getting clearer every day. Notice our new neighbors large home compared to our buildings in the center 

I know some of you are down on religion and the holidays. We’re happy to give our cheer with lights and love
2012Christmaslights-blue  the new blue lights are creepy and cool at the same time. Speaking of time, the timer I got from my parent’s barn didn’t work, the one in the shop didn’t turn at all; I had to go unplug them. then I remembered to plug those into the wind turbine. The string of lights here on the house went on as set, but never turned off. Oh well, we tried.
2012Christmaslights-shop  I figure the batteries will run out sometime during the night and the lights will shut off. That’s  sort of like a timer right?
2012Christmaslights-home   yeah man Merry Christmas
2012Christmaslights-theShell-Buddy.   Buddy was probably thinking as much as a dog does think, “Did you have to wait until I was looking right at you so you could flash that bright light in my eyes?”
Of course we were hoping these crazy cloud formations last night would dump precipitation on us, alas the sky is back to clear and blue this morning.

Well I got things to do
Here’s to hoping I get the website fixed today.
Thank you all for the letters
Brian Rodgers


Super sunset pics indeed



Brian’s Morning Newsletter
Friday, December 07 2012

Good Morning

Woot woot, snow in the forecast for Sunday. It has been so long that it is almost unbelievable.
I got a butt-load of accomplishments under my belt yesterday. Unfortunately fixing my website isn’t one of them. All I can say at this point is whatever is wrong it is above my head. I will contact Matt Bowie today or tomorrow and see if he can look at the problem.
As some kind of twisted thorny crown of achievement yesterday I was rewarded with  a gout attack. Obviously that sucks, but I’m okay, the medication is working. A side-affect colchicine is I feel like I’m closed in a drum. Otherwise I feel barely well enough to go to work. I missed a day the week before last, and that was reflected in my pay. We can’t afford to miss another, besides the last thing I want to do is sit around here groping around my website backend making it worse.

Suffering with gout last night caused a terrible night of sleeplessness. Now I’m late for work
Gotta git
Brian Rodgers


I don’t think I can put many more pics in here but there is a whole series of photos from the weekend as well. I wonder if non-Facebookers can see my Facebook photo albums? Y’all let me know if this link takes you there or not.

Long overdue Hike December 5th 2012


First built-in Kitchen cabinet


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